365 Minutes

Rarely does anyone contemplate 365 minutes because we associate the number 365 with days in a year, 6 hours and 5 minutes or roughly a quarter of the day is all 365 minutes is.

Ave knew that 365 was more important to the elite in minutes than days, their traditional time-space balance had been destroyed long ago and it was now pretty much all automated, the computers calculated and adapted the algorithms to create the most efficient processes based around the number 365. The worker level people wouldn’t even realise there had been a change but the higher up or more connected you were it started to make more of a difference.

6 hours here and there seemed like nothing but when it started to build up some were frustrated, how on earth could they manage their time with the constant adaptation, it was becoming simply impossible. Ave knew people weren’t happy he had seen plenty try and jump ship in the vain hope it would make their lives easier, not everyone benefited some were even worse off, that was hard to see but he was unable to assist. As long as he was off grid he couldn’t be found, if he was helping people it would lead them back to him and that was not a desirable situation.

Notes on character Ave, more coming soon.

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