Casual or Smart-Casual

Shakira knew what Smart-Casual meant, when her boss decided to change the office dress-code she was more than ready, others not so much. It wasn’t necessarily the main outfit that was the issue it was the accessories the shoes, hats, scarves whatever you get the picture, Shakira’s flawless style was the envy of many in the office, they maintained she could wear a black plastic bag and still make it look ready for work, she wasn’t so convinced of this, it wasnt really something she fancied trying either.

It was difficult for her to do complete casual as she barely had time to sit down for dinner most nights, life had to change, she needed more time to herself, she decided to work smarter, it took time but it paid off, now she was able to sit down to dinner every evening sometimes even alone. Personal space was precious to her, she loved sharing things with friends and family but there were some days where me time was what was necessary.

Over time the progression meant she would run the company almost completely remotely, although there would still be physical offices for the core staff the rest would be mobile and actively networking, strengthening the company’s position in the market. Life was changing, she spent time jetting across the world to meet people rather than spending days looking at spreadsheets and reports, it was infinitely preferable to be travelling and she had met plenty of new and interesting people along the way.

Shakira’s casual was for when she was on holiday, the sweatpants and hoodie (designer of course) and the trainers or the bikini on the beach, a floppy sun hat. When she returned to the office all this reverted back to business, no more casual, she was smart-casual now.

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