I'm Going to be Sick?

It was flu season and Kerry knew it would try and get her, difference between her and her friends was her desire not to get sick, she carried on strong not worrying about the dreaded influenza bug winging its way around their friendship group.

Kerry knew that she would probably pick up the virus at some point but her body and mind were prepared, she was strong willed whilst everyone else was falling foul of the nasty flu she was out carrying on as if nothing had happened, she didnt even feel a sniffle, she was sure that she had beaten it at its own game. Along with the mindset she boosted her body with vitamins and minerals to protect herself it worked to a point but after a long stretch without stopping she felt particularly achy at the end of one day, she ran herself a bath in the hopes that it would stretch everything out and melt away the pains of the day.

Lying in the hot bath she allowed herself to relax, her body was fighting the virus with impressive skill, her flu jab had at least been worth it, but she still started to get the sniffly feeling, giving herself a pep talk and steaming her sinuses in the bath as much as possible she said goodbye to the flu, it knew it was beaten there was no need to try anymore.

Kerry knew it would catch up with her eventually her mindset kept her body boosted and her immune system made short work with the assistance of the flu vaccine. Its well known they were only 98% effective but it was just the boost she needed to keep on track. Everyone around her wished they knew how to she did it, they couldn’t believe that it was that simple.

It was that simple she said you just need to believe.

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