Varnish or Tarnish?

The act of varnishing seals whatever you are painting, like a final layer of protection against the world, the coloured varnishes often change over time, the age fades them and the friction from use can tarnish the smooth service it creates.

Where varnishing is predominantly for wood, tarnishing refers to the changing colour of metal when it is for example submerged in water, you can also tarnish someones reputation but for some reason you cant varnish it?

Id like to think that varnishing someones reputation would be a positive thing to do to someone, it would boost confidence much in the same way that endorsements help to boost peoples reputations, this desire to tarnish the reputations of the people around us is not conducive to human harmony or world peace. To use a popular drag queen term politics has opened the library for some reading (although not so tongue in cheek) social media platforms like Twitter are rife with peoples disrespect and desire to totally destroy those who disagree with them, its sad that they cant take the abuse back, not that I would ever encourage it but as I always say if you cant take it dont deal with it.

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