Are My Milkshakes Better Than Yours?

She claims her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, just like in the song on the music channels, but her friends aren’t sure if this isn’t just a bizarre ploy to get attention. It could be classed as a cry for help in some books but all it was to her was a way of opening up to the world, the affection she craved she had not been deprived in anyway if anything she was indulged.

The milkshakes did indeed bring all the boys to the yard and what a variety there was, who knew the local area held such a wide and varied demographic. Pondering of the different traits in men she wondered what it was she actually wanted, the experiences were plentiful and whenever she pleased but did they actually achieve anything? was she growing as a person? The answer was sort of, it wasn’t not helping, she was learning not to make long term attachments but ultimately the goal was to find her soulmate, the truth was she should have been looking right under her nose. The realisation came during a particularly nasty session, she realised that she wasn’t really that kind of person anymore, although she had a wild side it was rarely on display because her life was already so fulfilling, the months of of what will now be called the milkshake experiments go to show that random encounters are a poor substitute for living your best life and experiencing new things the way you want to.

Ultimately you will find your soulmate when it is time, the one who ‘got away’ will either come back or not, if not it probably wasn’t meant to be, there will be that person out there for you, it might be a trial and a tribulation finding them but its all part of the journey you both take and the lessons you learn.

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