Life, The Universe and Everything

I often quote my favourite author Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy was a seminal book as I was growing up, I read it not just because my mother recommended it to me but because the title intrigued me, I also wanted to know how on earth they came up with the answer 42 when they didnt even know what the question was. Looking back it was my first foray into thinking about quantum theory, to this day I don’t really understand quantum if I’m honest but the principle of a large computer churning out answers quicker than our current computers ever could is fascinating.

The mice created earth to find the question to go with their computer ‘Deep Thought’s’ answer of 42, it was part of a 10 million year research programme, the irony being it was scheduled for demolition because it was in the way of a hyper spatial express route, you can almost imagine that happening in real life, an experiment cut down in its prime because the scientists had failed to check the planning permission.

In a world where irony is like goldy only silvery we can but hope that the world is not destroyed because we didnt bother to check the planning permission.

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