He sat at his tiny writing desk in the officers mess, looking across the exercise yard he knew it would be a sad day, the young ones had all gathered waiting for their awards. William had seen it all before, war in the governments eyes was a necessary evil, there were evil humans which needed to be kept in check and there were innocents which needed protection, they wanted peace no matter the cost. If lives were lost they were merely collateral damage in the scheme of things, lose one to protect the many.

The misapprehension that military presence is necessary to keep peace is supported by the evidence whilst they are in situ, once the military have gone it seems that most go back to their old ways, forming new improved factions and organisations, fighting recommences and they are supposedly back to square one.

William knew the war would go on, their leave was scheduled for every 6 months, they would go home leaving their fellow soldiers in post hoping that they too would return home at the end of their tour. The new recruits were just starting, he had been in post about 18 months, with two trips home since he started he was desperate to see his new baby girl, the weekly satellite meetings were great but no substitute for be there in person. There were times he wondered if he had made the right decision his partner had discouraged him but he had decided to go anyway, he wanted to protect the world he was bringing his children into and that was that.

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