Game, Set & Match

Life is a series of games we play, we live, we love and we work. One way or another there will always be work involved because nothing comes for free, you might not be physically paying for it with money but you will be in some way or another.

Letitia knew that she had to play the game, it pissed her off but she knew that fighting the system was not an option, she had seen many try and many fail, Changing the way she played the game however might be the answer, the monotony was becoming too much for her, everyday life was boring, she craved more and more. All Letitia wanted was to be unique and to be respected for that fact, her peers ridiculed her inexperience her desire to be unique was so outdated, nobody thought like that anymore apparently. Having a clone now the new thing, you sat back whilst they worked for you.

In her desire to be unique she had tried a lot of different activities assuming this would satisfy her adrenaline rush and her desire to be interesting at the same time, she would have plenty to talk about with all the adventures she was having and she felt sure the world was interested in what she had to say. What she hadn’t realised was that people weren’t really that interested in her adventures, they made her unique purely through circumstance, no one else had bothered to go and do the things she did. She had life in a quandary on the one hand she had failed to make herself interesting but on the other she had bothered to go and try, touche my friend life thought, touche.

About 6 months in to Letitia’s journey she stopped and looked around her, most of the people she knew even her friends were far behind, she was alone but succeeding at life, she knew they would catch up eventually even if they didn’t know it yet. Her peers eventually began to understand her drive and determination, the instilled old fashioned views eventually died out, but life continued to test her, because there was one thing she hadn’t quite worked out yet.

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