a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.


They all knew about the curse, 7 of them, all 7th children in their respective generations. As yet no one had fallen foul of it and as such it had like most historic things been thrown to one side, nothing would happen they were safe. Cheri knew that the curse would play out whether they liked it or not, she had seen first hand others who were cursed by different things to her, although it didn’t seem like it would be soon she remained prepped and ready, she wasn’t going to lose everything if she could help it. The other 6 however were a mixed bag, some might make it others were a train-wreck waiting to happen. None of them would die but it’s how you live with the consequences which shows who has learnt the most from the adversity the curse would bring.

Paranoia was not something anyone had acknowledged they had simply assumed that it was part of the worrying process, deep down they knew that there would be consequences, the curse made sure of that, who takes from the forbidden place incurs the wrath of Shatar. Cheri and the others had broken in to the sacred space and violated it, there had been a small explosion at the time, illuminating some words on the wall, but people thought nothing of it, there had been rumours of it being cursed but no one had actually experienced it, so they thought nothing of it for a while. Then a couple of strange things happened, messages on mirrors and an unknown signal on the control radio, a few had been followed by something but it never came close. The evidence was mainly circumstantial, then someones flight was hijacked, it could have been a coincidence but it was too big a gesture to ignore.

Cheri started investigating the happenings and situations trying to find any connection between them and the curse, she hoped it wasn’t true but it was starting to look worse than she feared. The messages on the mirror were indeed part of the curse and the explosion, well that was the curses way of connecting with its victim. The horror dawned on her and she picked up the phone to her best friend who was doing exactly the same thing, the response she got was “I know” Cheri wasn’t clear what that meant “then wtf do we do about it?” there was a pause, “nothing we can do, the curse is the curse and there’s no way of backing out now, we incurred the wrath of something now we are screwed.” Cheri slammed the phone down and swore, it was late so she decided nothing more could be done until the morning when there was actual daylight, life would just have to survive until then.

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