Legend in Your Own Lunchtime

Your 15 minutes of fame finally comes,
that course you finally passed, the bragging
rights are yours, no one else passed but you.
In your mind its a success beyond all recognition,
there will be an award to accept and life will be

Sure other peoples priorities are different to yours
They strive for richness on every level thinking that
money is there to facilitate their every whim, I think
I’ll buy some new friends today what kind do I fancy?
Those who love me as long as I have everything?
or those that will still be there when everything’s gone.

None of your friends are jealous why would they
be they weren’t interested in the course, what matters
is what is important to you, the same goes for when they
pass something you aren’t interested in. They wave
their bragging rights and are treated with the same
falsities as you received.

You are a legend in your own lunchtime, no one else
cares but you but that doesnt matter because self-love
is more important than the jealously people heap on you.
There might be far more important things to be worried
about but will worrying solve the problem?
No – will finding a solution? Yes, so your bragging rights are
safe, your over-inflated ego will eventually deflate and people
will eventually learn to keep their opinions to themselves.

Champion your own achievements not just everyone else’s, but
remember humility goes hand in hand will a gracious winner.
Bragging rights are nice to have but there’s no need to jam it in
everyone else’s faces.

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