No Dice Today My Friend

No dice today, also known as no luck today, a rejection of chance of success, some find it frustrating, some find the challenge of reversing it a thrill. Rolling those dice for better luck is something we would all enjoy if we gave it a try, we roll thinking of failure despite there still being a chance of winning.

The chance of winning is defined by you, the dice has 6 sides are any of them actually losing sides? Neva thought she knew what the dice would do, she expected failure, looking at the number against her answer made her look again, that wasn’t losing, that was winning on a higher level and then it clicked all she needed was to keep winning at life, sure there were going to be ‘less good’ results but in a way none of them were actually bad.

Failure had been her fallback position it was predictable and she had generally been correct had she known that thinking she would win would have produced a different answer then this would be a different conversation. Having found her key Neva knew she had to try and re-programme otherwise it would not work, her existing dead attitude needed to go, a higher level was calling her. Knowing what she knew now was the key to a number of problems she had been battling recently, her desire to achieve had now taken over, she knew the time was now.

Sitting at her kitchen table she came to the realisation that sitting at home was all well and good but the dice were telling her to get moving and start learning. She headed to her bedroom to quickly change before walking out the door, it locked behind her, she touched her pocket to check for her keys, to her irritation no dice. Life had been oddly cruel but kind at the same time to Neva, she knew that her next door neighbour had a spare key for her, it was still that kind of building, it wasn’t first or last time this would happen. It made her stop and think though, rushing off without thinking was clearly not a good plan, as usual her hot-headedness had gotten the better of her, she knocked quietly for her neighbour full of apologies, she thanked her very much again and retrieved her keys before heading out a second time.

The world was her oyster….but would she be eating any?

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