A Sleepy Hollow Tree Awaits

The Hollow seemed scary even though there was nothing to fear, Onga passed the end of the lane which lead to it everyday, you could see its very edge and into the darkness of the woods, in the centre was a hollow tree said to possess magical powers no one had ever experienced it though. Onga always wished it would be her to receive the gifts of the magical hollow, she knew if she did not approach it that she would never receive but she was afraid, something didn’t feel right, she had tried to approach it many times, but there seemed to be some kind of barrier between her and it. Wanting to be the first can give you a ruthless head and Onga was focused on winning, she wanted to see what the tree possessed that was so special, she wanted it all for herself.

The tree was in fact possessed by the spirit of a wizard, he placed the barrier around him to keep them from stealing his magic, only he was allowed it, he was cheating death daily so it was only a matter of time before someone’s sense of humour failed and he ended up on the other side. Until then he was determined no one would touch his precious magic. Having felt Onga come near as he did with everyone else he was surprised she was not like the others he had resisted her many times but as things changed he wondered what it would be like.

She ran at full pelt towards the tree and launched herself into the air, colliding moments later in a shattering of wood chips.

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