Travel to Expand Your Mind

To travel for some is a daunting and unnecessary thing, to others it is something amazing to experience having been once they want to go again and again. International travel holds the most perceived value whereas travelling within your own country is classed as ‘domestic’ yet our own countries hold much more for us to learn from. Travelling to expand ones mind is rewarding if you allow it to be, you can learn much about yourself and the way you treat other people when visiting other countries, different cultures can be a challenge to understand but its all part of life’s rich tapestry and both good and bad experiences form the learning curve we travel.

Experiences allow your brain to expand and increase its knowledge, the more you learn to do the more your mind is expanded. There is no need to over expand all at once, flooding your brain will not make you any wiser any quicker and you will probably end up knowing a little less. It is important to keep the mind challenged and sharp as it makes for much better conversations and debates, there are any number of brain training apps which cover every activity and pretty much any level, puzzles, languages, games, if you can think of it someones probably measuring it using an app somewhere. Some might argue that you don’t need to travel to download an app on your phone but I would argue that there is no replacement for first hand experience, learning a language on an app is all well and good but going somewhere to practice it with a native is far more rewarding.

It may not be monetarily possible to travel in which case fair enough, the internet has broken down many barriers and given access to a vast wealth of knowledge to billions of people, the wonders of VoIP technology means you don’t even need to be in the same country anymore you simply need to have an internet connection. Experiencing the culture of another country online again is arguably not the same as going there but with the world of video platforms we can pretty much see any event we are interested in going to and interactive maps mean you can experience places via 360 videos and now more recently Virtual Reality headsets. Having not tried VR myself I couldn’t say if the experiences come close but it would certainly be interesting to see what say Stonehenge would be like or the Colosseum, would the atmospheres be the same?

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