Super Hero In the Making

Some are born superheros others become them, the traditional definition of a superhero is a fictional character but the name is now banded around for those who have done something exceptionally heroic. Does it demean a ‘real’ person’s actions to be called a ‘superhero’? It shouldn’t, I don’t suppose for a minute many people give a second thought to the definition of a superhero being a fictional character their actions and results are real, they just want to congratulate the person for their achievements.

There is a saying which makes my point much more succinctly which is ‘not every hero wears a cape’. I am unsure who actually penned this originally but it is widely used across the internet by many from fire departments to people describing their own personal heroes.

Which brings me nicely to my next point which is ‘is a superhero defined by their cape?’ Internet sources say not, there are several comics and films in which wearing a cape is avoided like Watchmen, personally I think a cape completes the dramatic look if your preferred transport as a superhero is flying its not so practical in cars and on public transport. For a more extensive discussion on the subject of capes, superheroes and super villains check out ScreenRant.com’s article.

Changes in awareness levels mean that more and more of us are doing great things and being acknowledged for them. Whether it simply be going the extra mile and staying an extra half an hour or if its saving someones life, the definition of a superhero is simply whatever you want it to be.

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