Are Robots Taking Over?

Chad stared at his arm, he couldnt believe his eyes, there had been nothing left of it after that IED exploded on then the other day. When the doctors said they could rebuild it he laughed, his hand had pretty much nothing left in terms of skin and muscle as with most of his fore arm. Agreeing to the surgery was a no brainer, he had pretty much nothing to lose as it wasn’t a functioning appendage as it was so he if he lost it then hey no biggie. The minimal recovery time was also a big selling point as he needed to get back to work, bills never paid themselves no matter how much he wanted them to. The down side if you could call it one was that he now had a ‘robot arm’ he himself did not have a problem with it but some of his friends and colleagues did, their vehement hatred for robots stemmed from their misguided belief that they can be replaced by a robot with artificial intelligence.

Scientists have known for years that even though robots can be taught and they can teach themselves its not practical to remove humans from the equation completely, AI is still unpredictable and because we understand the rate at which humans evolve they are much easier to control than a robot who is still learning and exponentially increasing its intelligence and emotions is much harder to deactivate than a human they are squishy and can be killed if all else fails.

The one good thing was that it looked pretty natural and fitted under his jackets like a normal arm would, it also seemed to function like a normal arm, it was awesome, how they had managed to rebuild what was left was truly a miracle. Without robots he would still be missing a functioning arm so everyone else could shove their opinions. It felt good to have a working limb again he was worried about how he would get back to work with one one functioning arm. As he hadnt told anyone of his surgery it was going to be an interesting exercise seeing peoples reactions. Of course his parents knew and as his mom took him home they talked about the reception his arm would get, his mom was pragmatic knowing that people would have very little to say initially but once the shock was over they would probably change their opinions and support him, they were more intelligent than Chad gave them credit for. Chad thought his mom was being overly generous but they would just have to see who was right. Meeting them that evening would be the testing ground.

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