The Loss of Something Real

Losing something can be as trivial as a pen or as serious as a life, its not something that is ever taken lightly. To Calum losing money was nothing, he had plenty he knew he wouldn’t miss it, he had a high paying job and a rich family, two things that most didn’t, whatever he wanted he got either himself or through his parents, the sweep stakes at work were pocket change to him even, he seemed to win every year anyway so he always ended up with more money than he started with. The abundance that surrounded him had been created over time his hard work and passion to succeed had given him the boost to create his own empire separate to that of his family.

His friend Lucas was different he didn’t have plenty so to him losing money was a big deal, he only gambled in sweep stakes at work because they were part of the team spirit he had yet to win and thusly just ended up assuming he would never win, it was only 5 bits to enter so it didn’t break the bank but either way it was still a loss. Stuck in a poverty rut he never seemed to be able to see a way out, he envied Calum because of his good position, what he couldn’t see was that his ‘losing’ attitude was the one keeping him in that rut, the way out was a change of plan and vision which involved a certain amount of hard work but the reward would far out weigh anything else. All Lucas saw was hard work and that was where the problem lay, he worked hard at his job (or so he thought) why should he work harder to get what he wanted? There the problem remains, the only way to move forward is to work on it, little by little piece by piece it will all fall into place.

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