Fear of the Unknown

To fear is something all of us do, whether it be rational or irrational the feeling can be crippling. Henrietta knew that her fear of spiders was irrational, they barely scratched the surface of the skin and never really got much bigger than a side plate. It didn’t stop her feeling terrified anytime she saw one, at least now she didn’t scream she just thew things instead. It was a relief not to have snakes in the country as well, she really wouldn’t have been able to cope with that. Another irrational fear to be consigned to the back of her mind, hoping she will never go to a country it will be a problem.

Fear of the unknown is something most of us experience at some point in our lives, Henrietta felt it most of the time, she struggled in a constant battle with herself. Confronting herself was the only way of progressing she knew that but she also avoided confrontation like the plague, a paradox you might cry, she knew how it sounded she should be standing up to herself every time. Vowing to sort the problem out one way or another she sat down with paper and pen and wrote out her conversation with herself, she confronted herself using questions she wouldn’t normally ask, at first she shied away not wanting to admit her short comings but then the answers came flooding through, she noted as much as she could, it would need re-writing no doubt.

Life would challenge her again, her fear of the unknown was as irrational as the spiders.

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