Death Becomes Real

Death is inevitable the how the when the where seem to be details to be confirmed at a later date. There are inherent negative connotations with death but really once someone has gone there is little chance of them coming back so it’s best to make the most of time you have with everyone in your life if you have something to say then say it and if something needs doing do it you may never get that second chance you were waiting for.

Katherine walked as she often did across the moors with her family and friends, they enjoyed the countryside and the peaceful feeling that it brought, half way round her usual route she made a distressing discovery, a half eaten animal, she wasn’t quite sure what it had been, the remains were pretty mangled. Such a shame she thought, then wondered what could have done such a horrible thing, further along there were some items of clothing scattered around, nothing particularly unique, a few moments further and there was a dead body. Face down in the dirt it was not clear how long they had been there possibly only a few hours maybe a few days. Approaching it was difficult the smell had already become quite pungent she found a stick and poked it to see if she could roll it over. To her horror she recognised the face, how had she not realised they were missing, she quickly moved the stick back and fumbled for her phone. Calling the police was difficult and she spent the next few days explaining her side of the story, they were suspicious but the evidence was there to back her up. After the investigation died down she reflected on why she hadnt called and checked in with them knowing their situation, she vowed she would never make that mistake again.

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