The Time For Us Now

The world is in a transitional phase, we look to everyone else to enact change in our own lives. Permission to be you does not come from anyone else bar you. Colette thought about this statement, she knew it was not that easy but she saw the point though, why would you need permission to be yourself, it only impacts everyone else through her interactions with them.

Colette also knew the importance of being herself, a lesson she had painfully learnt the previous night, putting on a front is what most of us do, its not good but its more common than not, life is something we all have to deal with, her protective front popped like a balloon when she got too close to someone. The shock of her forwardness alarmed even her, maybe this was her, the front she put on was the thing she was trying to mask.

The time to re-evaluate and embrace was now, she needed to sort her need for a front, there should be none, she was happy in herself and loved herself (mostly) it was a definite work in progress. Life hadn’t been kind to her but she was ready to turn the hourglass upside down and take charge of the time she had lost control of. Moments had been lost but they will be regained in more effective use of the future.

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