A Terrible Crime

He lay there unable to move, it felt like it had been ages, falling from 4 storeys up wasn’t far but it was far enough to shatter a few bones. Sitting up was not an option but he needed to see if there was any help, he tried to shout but realising no sound was coming out of his mouth he tried to move an arm. The flash of white hot pain was too much and he recoiled in horror, he couldn’t deal with the silence though, he tried to shout again this time a small noise came out, he nearly cried at least he wasn’t mute. Zed hadn’t meant to fall out of the window, he suspected he had been pushed but by whom he was not sure, he remembered climbing onto the counter and leaning over the window box of his apartment but that was pretty much it, the next thing he knew he was flat out on the ground. Shouting was not his favourite pass time but he tried again in case someone might actually hear, this time his voice was louder, not its usual full blast but definitely attention grabbing, he shouted again and again, eventually he heard slow footsteps walking towards him. The sound echo’d off the end of the alley way, he hoped it was a good Samaritan here to help him, the closer they got the more nervous Zed became, he started praying to a non-existent god in the vain hope it would boost his chances. The face that appeared was oddly familiar, he scrunched up his eyes hoping that might clear his vision a bit, the face finally swam into focus after about 30 seconds. It was his next door neighbour, “what in gods name happened to you Zed?” Irene’s concerned face was now very much in his face, Zed tried slowly to explain, then realised hospital was far more important “call 112 i need an ambulance” Irene shocked fumbled for her phone “oh my god yes of course sorry” she dialled the number and explained the situation to the operator her manner had changed from panicked to calm at the flick of a switch “right” she said putting the phone down “they are on their way, so sorry about that, just shocked to see you on the floor like this, did you fall out of the window?” Zed stared at her in disbelief, why on earth is she asking such stupid questions, he was literally broken in 15 places in his body, he had no idea how he ended up on the ground, he closed his eyes and hoped the professionals would arrive soon. The sirens started getting louder and louder as they came closer, it was a relief as Irene had not shut up the entire time with a stream of verbal diarrhoea that would impress a stand-up comedian. The ambulance backed down the alley way to get as close as possible, they couldn’t risk moving him too far, the paramedics took control of the situation and told Irene to go back to her apartment, this didn’t go down particularly well but she reluctantly left. Zed wasn’t really sure he wanted to know why she’d made a fuss he knew he didn’t really care, the ride was bumpy back into the ambulance and they shut the doors and set off for the hospital, pain meds were administered and his identification details copied for notification of next of kin and insurance.

The hospital received their new patient and set him up in his room ready for treatment, the nurse scanned his details, everything looked perfectly fine on the surface. Underneath was a plan unfolding across the entire network, his details causing a ripple of attacks to every level of security. Making copies of every file it duplicated the network and replaced it with a facade that would make any user think all was well, then the timer started. 24 hours until the network will be nuked from the inside out, users still unwitting in this horrific violation of peoples information. The ransom note sent demanded £90 Million, the hospital couldnt pay it and neither would the government. Was this the end? Zed knew it wasn’t but nobody else did.

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