Dare to Dream Your Best Life

 “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

We dream more than we will ever actually do, but imagine if you actually did all the things you dreamed of, within reason of course there’s no need to re-enact distressing dreams and situations. Life is a bit strange, you dream of your best life it throws you a curve ball, you unwittingly catch the curve ball lumbering yourself with a small obstruction between you and your best life. As I see it life is trying to teach you not to catch the curve ball – not by stumbling and not catching it but because it was never thrown in the first place. Everything is there for the taking you just have to ask for and accept it, there maybe consequences, like the chocolate cake/calorie trade off but if you think its worth your time then you should do it.

Dreaming is your brain’s way of dealing with things going on in your head, it can also be what you desire, for example having a large house or lots of money, you visualise it through your dreams. So if you can conceive the idea there is no reason why you cannot achieve it, you are an unstoppable force limited only by yourself utilise your potential. Dream as big as you dare, you never know what you can achieve with a bit of determination and desire.

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