Memories of a Human

A collection of memories might be physical, they might be mental either way they are part of our psyche. Connor knew this when he tried new things and it reminded him of a similar experience, the memory flashed back through his mind. To Connor memories were more than just thoughts in your head, he collected physical parts of every significant experience he had. Alphabetised by name and categorised by activity the filing process was so much easier now it was all digitised, thousands of memories all tied up in a tiny computer chip it was difficult to believe now small these things were.

The memories were pictures or samples of the output of the activity, not everything could be created into something physical but thats what digital cameras were for nowadays. Some day, he thought, they will make camera implants for your eyes, then you will just have to download anything you want to your drive. A scientist he was not by any means but he did have an idea of how he wanted his collection to grow and how best to preserve and record it.

Connor had a dark side, there were the samples he collected from ‘staged scenes’ similar to snuff films and even more sinister he thrived in his alter egos character. The other side as he liked to refer to it was where he went to relax, it was a safe space for him but rarely anyone else. The rage often spilled over into his dark side which caused the annoying problem of being angry in his safe space, not at all how it should be. He often wished he could stay there so he didnt have to deal with the stresses of the world but he knew that it wasn’t practical as only he lived there and he did have friends that he liked to spend time with so he resigned himself to being able to visit.

Over time when more memories were collected and he had time to think about it, he realised why not bring his friends to his safe space? He wanted to be calm, open and honest with them, they will be in my safe space so I can be me and my memories are mine, no one else’s. Letting people in to his safe space sounded like a crazy move but it’s not because it is the perfect test of his strength. It would highlight any problems he might still be dealing with that he cant think of right now, but best of all it shows his friends how he feels and how he respects them. The memories he collects he can share with those friends and hopefully they will be as interested as he is.

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