Love is but a Floating Cloud

The love we have for others is different to the way we feel about say a car or some sort of everyday possession, we invest emotion in that object and nurture it for reasons known not even to ourselves sometimes, but it is not the same as the love you feel for a family member or a close friend.

Love is a floating cloud because of this, the cloud engulfs the situation, different situations make different clouds, they could be bigger or smaller, some thicker than others it depends on the level of emotional investment which is determined by your subconscious and its budgeting skills. Love shouldn’t have to be budgeted for but then its not an endless resource, you can only share yourself so much and you need to remember to look after number one.

Loving yourself is not selfish it should be encouraged, and in the same vein as arrogance shouldn’t be confused with confidence, self-love should not be confused with selfishness. If one is happy and loving themselves the enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring others to be the same way, this can only be a good thing for you and for everyone else. Spreading positive mindset should be encouraged ensuring everyone is pleasant to work with and objectives can be achieved, this doesn’t just cover work it extends to friendship as well, you want to be pleasant for your friends and likewise them to you right?

Love is like a floating cloud it hovers over you and the other person like a woolly jumper. You wish it would stay forever but every so often you have to wash it so you know there will be times where the love might be gone for a while. It doesn’t meant its not in the background its just not available to you right at this moment. If love isn’t available right now it will be with you as soon as it can, in the mean time love yourself.

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