A Classic Bank Heist

This is the classic tale of a bank heist, there have been many famous heists in history and this takes a little inspiration from each of them.onwards

It was a warm spring morning when Wayne awoke, today was the big day, they had been planning this for months. Everyone’s positions were predetermined and there was no room for error, the getaway driver was set to transport them to and from the heist. Although the exit would be a much further place than where he started, they would be on their way to Spain before the local constabulary had tied their shoelaces.

The masks had been a last minute suggestion to ensure their anonymity but Wayne wasn’t that convinced, he had a feeling it would just confuse and their names would be given away anyway. Getting ready was easy, getting to the meet point was easy, then the fun started, they had shotguns and masks what could possibly go wrong. The 5 Million they had in the vault would do them all nicely, he knew the live fast die young strategy didnt really work but there was no stopping him now he was balls deep and unable to back out it was onward and upward praying the manage leave before the police arrive.

Arriving at the meet point he saw everyone else was feeling the same, the looks on their faces and body language spoke volumes, the only one who was bouncing off the walls was Chris and we all knew why that was. Wayne hoped they had forgotten about the masks and just gone with balaclavas instead, he’d brought his makeshift balaclava just in case. There were a few who seemed to have found masks already, he walked over to Chris to see what was going on. “Yo are we wearing masks or balaclavas?” Wayne addressed Chris as politely as he dare, Chris rolled his eyes “Does it matter? Its a heist not a fashion show!” Wayne was surprised, guess he could wear a balaclava then, he wondered how many would be wearing masks, there were 5 of them in total so it didn’t leave many if there were 2 already, he assumed Chris would given his strangely flamboyant nature.

The ride to the bank was intense, no one spoke not even Chris who was normally humming something at least, the sound of the road underneath them was rough, like the wheels of the van were going to expire at any moment, surely they could have got a newer van at least? Looking around the van everyone was either meditating or terrified, the heist was real now, it was only moments away, they knew the plan – get in, open the vault, take the money and leave no screwing up. At least only two of them had masks, the odds of getting confused were far less.

They walked in to the bank, Chris at the front, he quietly walked up to the reception clerk and asked her to open the vault, he then put a gun in the receptionists face. The receptionist carefully backed up after sneakily pressing the emergency button. It was only a matter of time before the police arrived and security could handle 5 idiots no problem. Security moved in closer either side of Chris and the receptionist looked him in the eye and said “no”, Chris took the safety off and tried asking again, security were now either side of Chris ready to lift him off his feet. One of the guys in the clowns mask panicked and starts shooting, chaos reigns and Wayne is transported into a catastrophic situation with bullets flying and no one getting anywhere. It was hopeless they hadnt counted on the receptionist saying no, in theory it shouldnt make a difference but when they know the combination to the safe they are worth more alive than dead.

The SWAT team arrive storming the building and causing more chaos, one of Wayne’s team got shot and the rest were captured, him included. The next week was spent at the police station being interrogated, none of them cracked. The evidence was damming there was little chance of being let off with a slap on the wrist especially given the weapons situation. Wayne’s day in court was like any other he’d been to, long and boring, the judge sentenced him to 10 years with the possibility of release after 5 due to his minimal input in the chaos. They sent each of them to different prisons so there was no chance of reforming the group. Wayne knew he would probably be able to behave long enough to get him out in 5 but did he really want to? Surely it was better to just stay put in prison, less chance of actually getting back in to trouble right?

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