Stranger Things Have Happened at Sea

They say stranger things have happened at sea, Collette stood staring at her friend Molly who was regaling her with the reasons why she will be giving up sugar, this is coming from a girl who drinks three full sugar pop drinks a day and eats numerous sugary snacks. It may happen, it might not, she wasnt convinced that anything would make Molly give up sugar.

Collette wondered where this sudden desire to change her diet so drastically, up until this morning she seemed to have a blatant disregard for her own body filling it full of inappropriate foods, drinks and more importantly unhealthy thoughts, her mental health had never been the best and she seemed to be constantly ill. She was the living embodiment of why you should take care of yourself, Collette had attempted on several occasion to explain to Molly the error of her ways, she was genuinely worried about her friend, but it had repeatedly fallen on deaf ears and she had given up for the time being, hoping that she would come to the conclusion herself.

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