Betrayal – Notes from Kate

How could she? Why oh why do people feel the need to betray me? I don’t understand whats going on. Everything is so secretive around here, I still dont really understand why Rachel does and why she was so desperate to intercept me, how can I be so special? It seems like everyone knows something I don’t, as if I have some kind of power that no one else does, some are jealous, others want to use me?

At least Meg was honest about things, she might talk a lot and put her foot in her mouth with distressing regularity but at least she didn’t use lies to try and protect me, I appreciate concern but surely life is for living and learning, you have to make decisions for yourself right? Admittedly creating an apocalypse is not the best idea, she wouldn’t want anyone else in danger that would be awful but simple communication explaining this fact would have been much appreciated given the circumstances.

Author’s note: we find out exactly how special Kate is and the reasoning behind the betrayal, its a struggle for Kate to take on board but she eventually understands, its not betrayal its protection.

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