Your True Colours

“Finally you show me your true colours!” Tatiana shouted across the room “do you think it impresses me?” she rolled her eyes in disbelief when the silence continued. Stalking up and down the room she kept them in her sight, she wasn’t letting them go anywhere again, it had cost her deeply and she didn’t have the strength to go again. Staring at the blank face it was frustrating to get nothing at all from them, no response of any kind not even a nod or a shake of the head.

Tatiana sat down at the end of the conference table diagonally opposite from them, “so what if anything do you have to say for yourself? You have pushed me and pushed me, why do you keep doing this?” The face remained blank, not even a breath, she began to wonder if they were even alive, had she just spent the last half an hour shouting at a dead person? or even an AI? She was reluctant to walk over and poke them to find out, but she couldn’t really see any other way of finding out. Standing up she resumed her stalking up and down the room hoping to get close enough when she passed to get a better look, she didn’t fancy provoking an AI lord knows what they would do.

It was clear that something wasn’t right as she got closer, peering over and getting as close as she dared, still nothing realised then she saw the back of their head, it had a flashing light, silently she walked past a few more times just to make sure she had seen correctly, it was time to walk away. Heading to her desk she gathered her belongings and put her coat on, as she left she hit the bomb alarm and let the rest play out as she had imagined. Unfortunately the unit didn’t arrive in time, fortunately no one was hurt. The confetti was stuck in every vent for the next week.

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