Catch Me If You Can

She had been running for several blocks now, she hadn’t looked behind her to see if they were still there, she hoped they’d given up but her gut said they hadn’t. She kept going dodging between people hoping this would slow them down, the centre of town meant the only traffic was people and most of them parted around her as she progressed. Hoping that she wasn’t too far from safety she glanced over her shoulder, in the distance she could see them trying to catch up, the crowd wasn’t so amenable to them as they were to her. Looking at the numbers she realised she was only 3 blocks away, she did her best to lose herself in the crowd whilst maintaining a fast pace.

Once she could see the building in sight she hunkered down and started moving horizontally across people towards the edge of the sidewalk on the shops side, she knew that she could keep a low profile until she got there, she glanced again over her shoulder, they were gaining on her, she stepped up a gear and raced on to the front doors, throwing herself through it as she entered the lobby. The big doors resealed immediately before her assailants managed to get through, she walked quickly to the elevator and pressed the button to summon it.

She hoped it would be quick, as the doors opened she was met with people coming out, trying not to make eye contact she slunk in and pressed her floor. Once on her floor it was moments before the buildings security system swallowed her up, impenetrable by external forces, even the ones currently chasing her. She wasn’t a fan of the government most of the time but in this case she thought she would make an exception, it did for once protect her from external forces even if they were mostly self-inflicted.

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