Injured in Battle

She lay motionless the light streamed through the door way. Dale panicked what happened he wondered? Kneeling down he checked her breathing, it was soft but definitely there, relief washed over him, he placed his hoodie under her head to make her more comfortable and ran to get a glass of water. By the time he returned she was stirring, he knelt down next to her again “Sally? Sally can you hear me?” she stirred again and her eyes opened she murmured “what? Who?” Sally wasn’t sure what happened, she had literally no memory, as if it had been wiped completely.

As the world swam into focus again she saw Dale’s anxious face peering at her “who are you?” she asked knowing this would completely freak him out, the blood ran from his face “whhatt do you mean? Sally its me Dale don’t you remember me? What happened anyway?” Sally laughed “I know its you, what I don’t know is what the hell happened to me, its like the last hour or so has been completely deleted from my brain, I don’t remember a thing” she sighed “I guess you didn’t see anything either then?” Dale visibly deflated with relief “uhm no I just came in here and found you as is, I made sure you were breathing and went and got water, wasn’t sure what else to do.” Sally was vaguely impressed “you arent bad in an emergency then I take it” she smiled “sorry about all this I hope ill get some answers soon.”

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