Ride or Die My Friend

The road ahead was long and straight, hardly seemed likely it would cause a problem, the road travelled so far had been long and twisted but it seemed like it was straightening out of late. Life had been testing Larry for a while now, he was doing the best he could dealing with each issue as it came flying at him and his frustration was taking him to the edge, leaving him there for the next thing to arrive. Thinking about it he knew that all these things were to be expected but the problem was trying to predict what else might come along.

Life however should not stop just because one cannot predict what will happen next, nothing would ever get done. So ride or die he thought to himself not an attitude he often took, this sheltered approach did mean he wasn’t as worldly wise as some but he needed to do something. The rhythm he maintained whilst in poverty needed to change he wanted to change lanes, money and prosperity were his new goals not his currently impoverished existence.

As he stood staring across the car park from his position three storeys up trying desperately work out his next move, Calvin approached him and tapped him gently on the shoulder, Larry was startled “oh hey, sorry I was miles away” Calvin shrugged “its okay I kinda gathered you were hence the tapping I thought going in for a question would make you jump even more” Larry wasn’t too bothered it had just taken him by surprised “so how can I help?” It was Calvin’s turn to be surprised “uhm oh well just wondering what you were thinking? You’ve been out here a while, sorry I was just curious its rude of me to ask”

Larry turned and fixed Calvin with a determined look “ride or die my friend.”

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