Get Your Coat On

A good coat is hard to find, once you have it you’ll never want to part with it. Its warmth comforts you in times of cold, its thickness wraps you in a tight embrace. Winter calls but once a year so a coat is not often needed unless you live in a colder climate. Our coat that we have had for years is now old and tatty, the warmth is still there if you keep your jumper on, looking in the mirror you wonder if its time for a new one? The current coat has long past its quota of repairs, it was time to upgrade, a new coat for a new approach to life, setting yourself up for the best possible version of you.

The inevitable parting from your old coat is merely a transitional time, you are on your way to a better version of you, the luxury of your new coat reassures you of its effects by hugging you as you stare at your reflection in the mirror. Its decided, you take back off to give to the cashier, but what about the old one? Surely you wanted to wear the new one out of the shop, the moment to change is now, but what to do with the old one, too tatty for a charity shop and not really warm enough for a homeless person, recycling seemed a bitter sweet end for a coat that had lasted so long, it was destined to live on in a new form in another piece of clothing.

Carrying the old coat feels strange, after all you are just going to throw it in the recycling but you know that you cant expect anyone else to, just leaving it there would mean it went straight to landfill and that was no place for it. Removing the tags and putting the old one in the bag you slip your new purchase on, filled with a renewed pleasure and confidence you dance out of the shop, bag in hand and find the nearest recycling, on the way you meet a homeless person, they don’t even have the shirt on their back, your old coat is more than they have and it would at least keep them warm until they can find something better. Handing over the bag you know it will make a small difference as a tear runs down their face, the gratitude in their eyes is reassurance enough that the right choice was made.

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