Its Only Dark Outside

Notes from my one of my novel characters journal, their journey has been an arduous one slowly coming to an end.

Darkness is a state the opposite being light, you turn a light on the dark is transformed. The world as we know it has a standard day and night cycle, so part of our day is dark by definition of time and our position in space. This basic concept applies to moods as well, you are either in a light (positive) mood or dark (negative) you cant really be both, you may be feeling a number of emotions all at once and the overall effect is that of the combination of all of them.

It is an essential part of the balance of life, you need light and dark to encourage inner growth. There are obviously lines too much darkness will shut out a lot of light, maintaining a balance can be difficult but its important to remember that the darkness can be controlled, there is a silver lining to every cloud, if you make a mistake you should own it and learn from it rather than ignoring it and carrying on regardless.

The darkness outside is merely a reminder that time is progressing, you cannot stop it, you cannot reclaim it, you can only plan better, using goals to bring the light back when you are in a dark place, being solar powered means soaking up as much sun as possible when you can and conserving it so that you can use it later. A solar panel doesn’t stop collecting light it continues on and on, so why be any different with goals, they wont achieve themselves, they are yours that you created no-one else’s.

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