Something Tasty

You wait and wait for that moment, the juicy story you were hoping would come. Every journalist lives for this, it could be the story that makes your career, that shoots you to the front page. In a world where social media seems to make everyone a star, the world of journalism has taken a different turn. Traditional journalists now face extra competition from bloggers, youtubers and online news outlets such as HuffPost and making yourself heard is becoming more and more of a challenge, thousands of submissions pour in and who should the editor choose? The internet based writer with a following of thousands or some who has built their reputation from traditional media? Does quality even come into it anymore? The number of followers you possess doesn’t necessarily validate the quality of your work, much in the same way anyone with an Instagram account can call themselves a photographer anyone can call themselves a writer, an artist, creative, you just need paper and a pen or pencil right?

Its easy to knock other peoples attempts to follow their dreams but professionals are named as such for a reason they are paid because in theory their skill is superior to that of an amateur, whether you believe your skill is superior to others or not it’s not necessary to highlight peoples short comings because they aren’t at the same level.

The only competition you should be in is with your self because it serves no purpose to spread negativity as it will not help you with your goals, concentrating on what you don’t want will serve only to bring it straight to you, the universe cannot tell the difference between positive any negative it can only try and give you what you are constantly thinking about.

Think about that tasty offer and take it, it may never come again if you miss it.

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