Why Am I So Dizzy?

The world was still a moment ago – why am I so dizzy? Kaleb thought to himself as he sat at his desk. It had been a while since his last break but he was sure it hadn’t been that long, glancing at the clock he was amazed to see how late it was, cursing himself for not paying attention he tried to stand up. This would have been easy if he wasn’t so dizzy, he wobbled unsure what was going on and eventually crumpled onto the bed behind his desk. Curling into the fetal position he tried to make the room stop, it carried on much to his distress. Losing consciousness happened fairly shortly after and he slept for several hours before coming around again, staring at the ceiling he was still unsure what the hell had just happened but none-the-less he was awake and hopefully getting up soon, he moved a limb – they all seemed to work ok so he rolled himself upright and swung his feet to the floor.

Getting up was next the dizziness seemed to have gone, he headed to the bathroom where he washed his face and checked himself in the mirror, he was pale but that wasn’t unusual, he walked to the kitchen and made a cup of tea with one sugar and sat down at the kitchen table. The tea gave him an instant boost and a couple of biscuits added some extra energy into his system and he carried on with his day, back to his desk to finish the work he had started earlier.

Staring at the screen once more, he wondered, was it just his body telling him he needed a break? Health is an important thing to maintain, he knew that, he needed to remember to listen to his body more often. It was always right he didn’t know why he ever questioned it. Finishing the work he vowed he would be more careful and made a schedule for the next day, planning breaks and goals to ensure no breakdown came knocking again.

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