Ghosts and Things

The concept of a ghost is a widely discussed topic and has been for thousands of years, it varies incredibly between time periods and person to person. There is the classic ethereal figure wearing a sheet to the modern day spirits often only looking like a plume of smoke with crystal light eyes, whatever you believe in, it essentially all means the same, the interactions may change though as you feel different presences.

Is the feeling of a presence the same as having a ghost? There is a possibility of getting into an extensive debate about poltergeists and the vast number of different types of paranormal activities. I personally don’t necessarily believe in paranormal activity however I do feel presences, they may not be interactive but they might pass through or remain in a room, its simply a feeling that something is there, it might be a positive feeling or a negative feeling it just depends on your general mood.

If you feel lonely you might be subconsciously wanting company, a presence in your home makes you feel reassured, if you are feeling worried and anxious you will naturally feel nervous and it will manifest in an unsettling presence. Imagine if you lived in the medieval times there were rarely lights so your imagination was left to run wild and without a point of reference it can drive you mad. Every sound you hear, every movement in the wind will play on you if you let it.

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