Whats Your Treasure?

Treasure can be defined as more than money,
More than just a collection of coins and notes,
Even more than diamonds, despite what you think
Enjoy your treasure and share it with everyone
They will know your happiness is not the same as theirs

Life is strange, we equate treasure to material riches
When there are so many joyful experiences to have
We shun them because they are new and they are hard
Life throws the curve ball right back, respect the new
Turning to life we finally let them in, all the experiences

Were the end of the need for material riches, only good
Remained and was loved and enjoyed by all involved,
We aspire to be someone else when we should remember
We are who we are, its your choice how you live, we are
All the same underneath on a base level, the rest are the
Layers you have built up.

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