Tread Carefully

Tread carefully for you may not see what is right in front of you. Walking through a wood you can see a blanket of mud and leaves unfolding as you keep continue, you can see the nice green grassy path just to one side of you, it would be good to be walking on that side, less mud on the boots right? Well generally that’s not how things work and for Oliver it definitely wasn’t, he spent his life in parallel with the green grass never quite managing to cross over, his boots getting muddier, he kept going knowing eventually his path would meet up with the grassy side. A flash of colour caught his eye, something off to the left, he turned to see a fly agaric mushroom nestled in the bank, fascinated he looked around for a stick to pick it up with knowing that you could get strange effects from even touching them. He poked the stick and turned it over, the pure white of the gills were soft and silky, he reached instinctively with his other hand to steady the gills as the stick pierced the centre of the shroom, brushing them briefly. He thought nothing of it at the time and carried on through the woods carrying his mushroom on a stick like a trophy he wanted to take a photo, it was one of the most beautiful specimens he had ever seen. The further he got the more the sky seemed to change, the trees looked brighter and clearer, he was completely alone or so he thought, when he looked back it looked much darker, the branches were hanging down in an almost menacing look.

Continuing forward the colours changed as he walked, bird calls sounded even more intense, he was forced to think more about his surroundings, his conscious niggled at every uncertainty ‘what was that?’ he jumped as he backed straight into a tree, he sat down heavily somewhat confused by the things he was experiencing, he stared off into the distance trying to gather his racing thoughts, the trip hit, he had never taken anything in his life not even a painkiller, the world became a dazzling light show of clarity, he saw how he would change his life and make his fortune, he saw the truth in his subconscious and finally defined his passion, something he never thought he would do. The trip seemed to last hours, and when he finally re-entered the ‘real world’ it was still light, he checked his watch only 2 hours had passed, he wasn’t sure if he was more relieved he’d only lost 2 hours or shocked at the magnitude of all the things he had learnt about himself in such a short space of time.

As he drove home the final effects of the trip made their way out of his body, the odd brightly coloured light and random deer at the side of the road continued to appear on the way home. When he got home he went to bed to rest for a while just to make sure there were no ill effects left, he woke an hour later mindful of how powerful nature could be, the dreams whilst he was resting were like nothing he had experienced before.

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