Callum picked up a stone from the floor, his new sling sparkled in the sunlight, there was nothing in particular to aim at but he couldn’t wait to try it. The park was fairly empty, no other children near him but he could see some adults on the other side, no chance of hitting them it was much too far away. Just in case he was wrong he turned away from them, he looked around again, he didn’t want to hit a bird or a squirrel by accident. There was nothing around, he aimed to the right of a tree, the area was clear, pulled it back as far as he could and let go. Watching the stone sail at a reasonable speed off into the distance he saw a bird fly across its path seconds before the stone zipped through the air. Staring in disbelief, he couldn’t believe it had been that close, he wouldn’t of forgiven himself if he had hit the bird. It made him wonder why he had the sling at all, he had no desire to hurt anyone or damage anything, he just liked watching things fly around, stones just happen to be the most readily available item to launch, he reflected that they were also probably the most damaging thing to fire out of a sling.

Loading another stone into the sling he took aim to the left of the tree he had previously aimed at, as the stone flew through the air Callum had a bad feeling. The stone arced towards the middle branch, to his horror there was a shape on the branch (he couldn’t see exactly what it was) as the stone connected it fell off the branch. Devastation swept over him, that was the last time, he threw the sling on the floor, never again, it was too dangerous. Unsure what to do he was frozen on the spot for the moment, gathering himself he picked up the sling again and put it in his bag. Approaching the area under the tree from which the shape fell he peered as close as he dared to see that it was a large pine cone, the relief was almost instant but the lesson was learnt. It was time to hang up the sling and find something a little less dangerous to play with.

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