Does it Matter if You Are A Misfit?

Not fitting in to a group is an experience all of us have at one time or another in our lives Keisha was no different. People saw her as the quiet weird one, never really in a specific group she floated from one to another and back again. Keisha didn’t see a problem with not fitting in, she preferred it that way, it was boring when everyone was the same. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with her she just liked her own company, she didn’t feel the need to have a shared interest to power her through the day. It was nice to talk to people about and do different things but she was equally happy with her own thoughts, writing or reading. It didn’t really seem to matter who she was to most people so did that really make her a misfit or someone simply searching for identity. She had a wild side, which rarely did her any favours, her desire to be different but also unnoticed at the same time meant that she ‘stood out’ but she wasn’t bothered by that she was happy to be noticed then ignored, she blended into the background once everyone noticed her, acknowledged but no more than that.

Misfits stand out from the crowd because they display unusual or strange behaviour, Keisha didn’t think she was strange or unusual but then she knew she wasn’t normal so she guessed people saw her somewhere in between. Not caring was a challenge at first, it was hard to accept that people found her weird, she thought she was pretty normal, in comparison to her family she was definitely the most normal but maybe that wasn’t a good benchmark. Daily interactions with people were sometimes a struggle, it depended on her mood, if she was in a bad one, it did not go well, if she was in a good mood then all would be amazing she wouldn’t give a monkeys what people thought, there were still dark times she had deal with them as and when they happened, it was unpredictable but they were getting less and less. In all truth though she was proud to be a misfit and long may it continue.

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