Ornament or Momento?

They stand on the mantle piece unmoving, the garish looks in the eyes of the soldiers were lost on the china animals with plants growing out of their backs. Their empty eyes stared back unrelenting in their intensity, expecting some kind of answer, but to what question?

The soldiers felt sure they held more meaning than they appeared, some meaning perhaps that they did not see, because why else would someone have collected so many? They continued to move through the house, it was filled will different china ornaments, why? It was not their job to answer that question that was for the authorities.

An ornament can be much like a momento they both carry meaning of some description, ornaments are often collected in multiples they are often created in series by companies to sell mass produced items, they can be entirely unsightly and their only purpose is to sit on a shelf, yet people love them. Momentos on the other hand are things that remind us of something or someone, it can also be anything, not entirely restricted to inanimate objects.

The soldiers left without documenting the ornaments, they didn’t think it would be worth it, they missed the tiny stash in each one, what did they care? It wasn’t their country, and it wasn’t going anywhere, personal use was up to the individual.

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