World Food Day

I love the different ways in which we can interpret world food day, from celebrating different cuisines to creating awareness for a waste free healthy future we are lucky to have these different foods to share.

Global hunger is also a serious issue which there are many charities fighting battles for money and support to rectify, there are millions of children who are malnourished and living in poverty, it is important to try and help where we can, whether it is at home or further afield you can make a difference to someones life.

Western diets have been heavily influenced by the desire to travel and colonise other countries around the world, many fruit and vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes were brought back from foreign travels by explorers. In a time of convenience we can have what ever we want any time of year because it is imported from warmer climbs.

It is important to try and reduce your waste, especially food, there are so many reasons to for example saving money, less rubbish to throw away, no more mouldy food in the bin. Try and keep your food seasonal, buy only local (same country) produce if you can, chances are the carbon footprint will be lower as well as being much fresher and tastier.

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