Out of the Door

There she went, out of the door, where she had gone it was hard to say, would she be back? Well that was a question, she would hope so, there wasn’t any rush to return.

The sun beat down on her head, reminding her of the summers spent in warmer climbs, it was normally so cold here it was odd to feel the heat. She looked ahead to the future and the best version of herself and saw a journey near its end, her best was soon enough and long may it continue.

A sudden thought, did I lock the back door? She couldn’t remember, the park would have to wait until she had checked. Turning on her heel she sped up her pace walking back, the more she thought about it the more it bothered her, as she came round the corner she ran in to someone holding a TV oddly like hers. As she walked up the garden path she realised what had happened, she got to the back door it was shut, she tried the door it was locked, unlocking it she peered round as if expecting some kind of explosion but nothing. The TV was still there in place, the house was untouched. Maybe it wasn’t her TV after all.

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