Going Sober for October

I talk a lot about awareness months and challenges, Sober October is one month which I suspect we could all do with, It started with people giving up alcohol to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and to benefit people living with cancer but it has grown into so much more. Whether its detoxing our bodies or detoxing our minds its an important exercise for us all, addressing it halfway through the month is an oversight on my part, if I had been more prepared I would have definitely used it to write my novel more efficiently, using the time to clear my mind before writing and being more focused.

Joe Rogan and his group friends started observing it because of concern for one of their group’s health, it started as a month of fitness challenges but quickly turned into a typically male competition of strength and ability, there was only ever going to be one winner and that was Joe, he is in peak physical condition and strives for optimum performance at all times, his friends not so much, not that they don’t exercise but they don’t pay as much attention to their bodies, this year is the first time they have not done something extreme, they have to do 10 classes over the month and read 500 pages, what amuses me the most is that the reading of the 500 pages seems to be the most troubling activity. It has clear with the introduction of the internet it is obvious that reading has taken a back seat for many, they are more interested in their social media accounts and activities than they are actually reading. Reading a book to me is just as therapeutic as doing an hours yoga, you can be transported into a world created by the author or find a book to teach you a new skill.

One thing we can learn from this is that detoxing is important whether you are doing it to raise money or not, its important to listen to your body and your mind – its best to catch yourself before you burn out.

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