2019 Nobel Peace Prize

I have spent quite a lot of time talking about Nobel prizes over the last week or so and today for me is as important as the Literature prize I spoke of yesterday. The Nobel Peace prize is significant because of the actions of the people who would receive it. This year the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali won for his efforts to achieve peace and cooperation at the conflicted borders with Eritrea.

This is a fight which has raged for decades and finally progress has been made to improve the situation. World peace is something we all strive for and is something that we can achieve but we have to work together, this is not a new concept and it should come as no surprise to anyone, good intentions wont get you anywhere but working together for a common goal will. As Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has shown peace and international cooperation can be achieved with hard work and commitment.

One thing I have observed is that there are a number of Africans and African Countries who have received peace prizes, it is excellent that they are recognised but to me it is sad that they have essentially been left to fight the fight on their own, where the UK and the US are determined to start another Cold War, African nations are left to war between themselves and hope that aid packages will be sent along with medical assistance. It is a widely held cynical believe that where there is oil there is war, using Syria (no oil) as an example, a tyrannical dictator left to brutalise his people, versus Iraq (oil) another tyrannical leader who brutalised his subjects – magically removed from post by the US government, a coincidence? I think not.

It seems that the Nobel Peace Prize is largely based on peoples ability to improve and strength international diplomacy and cooperation between people. Its almost as if they have accepted that complete world peace is not an option we just have to tolerate each other, like children in a school yard. Not an ideal situation but hopefully something we can work on.

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