The Never Ending #MeToo Arguement

The desire to be an actor can make one do strange things, it puts the people who hire and fire in the most sacred of positions. For years aspiring actors and actresses have ‘done things’ in the hope they might get their first break, does it make it right? No. The psychopathic tendencies of those in senior positions extends outside of Hollywood, whether we like to admit it or not there are a large number of people who are not afraid to use their power for their own sexual gratification.

Women have been conditioned to think they are the weaker sex, our physical strength is different due to physiological differences but it could be argued that we would be as strong as men if we were ‘allowed.’ We have fought tirelessly for equality when we could be fighting for superiority (there is no reason why we couldn’t be the superior race we give life to the world for crying out load) there should be no need to seek permission to improve.

Sadly we cannot change the past and all the people who have suffered at the hands of those on power trips cannot really be recompensed for their suffering, money cant change the years of emotional distress caused by sexual assault, our only choice going forward is to reduce the silence, social media has helped and hindered with this issue as it gives a voice to those who want to cry wolf but it can also help people deal with their issues because they have space to share. It is also imperative in my opinion to maintain a level of awareness and be clear about your intentions, if you are uncomfortable leave, don’t feel frightened, fortunately there is less of a culture for silence since the introduction of the #metoo movement and the ousting of a number of culprits.

I speak entirely as someone observing from the outside, I have not felt the pain experienced by these people I cannot imagine what it would be like living with such secrets but there is no need for silence anymore, people can be brought to justice and it makes it easier if there is evidence. There is no need to suffer in silence anymore.

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