For The Love of Cheese

I’d like to take a moment to say just how much I loves cheese, in many different forms, but not ‘plastic’ cheese as I refer to it (it’s not cheese) the bizarre American slice sitting atop my burger. There are thousands of different types available across the world my particular favourite are sheep and goat despite there being a significantly larger market for the cheaper cows milk cheeses.

They say cheese is as addictive as cocaine, the dose of casein and casomorphins, a┬ácasein-derived morphine-like compound stimulates the opioid receptors in our brain producing a dopamine high as our brain rewards us for eating the cheese. Casein is a protein which can be used in fitness regimes, there are plenty of supplements as it is said to support muscle healing in rest periods. There are also those who are actively avoiding it by going ‘plant based’ cutting out the dairy proteins completely.

Dairy sensitivity is on the up and it is having a detrimental effect on our health, I personally don’t advocate going ‘plant based’ unless you really want to as although I am a bit sensitive I know that I can avoid it at certain times or at least reduce my intake for a while for example if I have a cold. As non-dairy cheese this is still a market in its infancy, there are some recipes and companies out there but the choice is limited.

Take a moment to think about your relationship with cheese, if there’s a lot, it might be time to reduce the intake. There is no need to give up just moderation is key. Obesity is not funny, it has serious long term effects on your body. Cheese can make you feel good in small doses it doesn’t need an entire wheel.

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