The Evolution of Fun : 5 Ways We Do Things Differently Now

We all have fun in different ways, over time this has evolved from a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to digital experiences. The world has become much smaller since the evolution of technology, we can use Google maps to tour the 7 Wonders of the World, something that even 20 years ago wasn’t possible.

  1. Watch Anything – gone are the days of watching VHS and even DVDs we can stream any film, TV programme or documentary we care to think of from our phones.
  2. VR – Virtual Reality has been part of the Sci-Fi, dystopian fantasies we had about the future, it has now become affordable enough for homes to have one, although the scenarios are limited now they will continue to expand, allowing us to experience all kinds of situations from war games to extreme sports to horror.
  3. Do Anything – Back in the days before the internet we had to use posters, in more recent history TV advertising, newspapers and the radio to find out about activities, extreme sports were available in the US and Australia but it was unlikely you would be able to bungee jump in the UK. Now you can do so many different activities available at your fingertips and there’s often a voucher for it.
  4. Google Maps – it gets a special mention because of the 7 Wonders of the World tour, it shows an enhancement in technology which although is now well established its still impressive. No other generation can claim they can tour the world from their arm chair with gps like accuracy.
  5. Making Your Own Fun – making your own fun when pre-internet as a child largely involved building a tree house/indoor fort/insert appropriate child’s game here. Now we have technology where we can find a new experience at the touch of a button.

So there are the 5 new ways we have fun as I see it, there are plenty more for another day.

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