6 Things You Didn’t Want to Hear About The ‘Growth Mindset’

The irony of mindset is that it affects literally everything you do, every niggle and every little thing that gets you down will affect your performance. There are two types of mindset, I refer to the growth mindset because it is the more positive of the two.

  1. It sets the tone for the day – you wake up in the morning in whatever mood your mindset dictates, make it a good one.
  2. It helps you achieve that goal – a positive mindset will help you achieve anything, safe to say though the opposite will happen if you indulge a negative mindset.
  3. Mindset can help you recover from illness because you genuinely believe that you can do something about the illness.
  4. It can help you at work – that problem, isn’t a problem with the right mindset.
  5. It dictates winning or failing – it’s your choice to believe if you win or lose.
  6. It enables personal development – you are in control of your own ability, and can learn and improve.

A fixed mindset doesn’t encourage improvement or self development because it believes it is already there. In my personal opinion I don’t think it’s possible to stop learning, especially when we have a world of information literally at our fingertips, it makes ignorance a poor excuse. Mindset negates ignorance because you are aware enough to learn. Your brain can and will get stronger and smarter if you want it to, you just need to open up.

I recommend thinking about your mindset, it might not be pretty, but you will learn a lot about yourself.

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