Thrillseeking: Expectations vs. Reality

So there comes a time in most of our lives where we start to want something more. Now that more can vary very differently from person to person, it can be sexual, it can be physical exercise, its normally something on the more extreme side otherwise chances are you would have tried it already? I have a ever growing bucket list which I am trying to tick off, but its an uphill battle when you add things as often as you tick them off.

Things On My Bucket ListExpectation Vs Reality
For example, I have a healthy respect for guns, they used to frighten me but now I understand that really the most dangerous part of it is the person holding the gun, as long as the safety is on the gun will not explode. My favourite is target practice, the whole war games malarkey doesn’t really float my boat. My very brief attempt at paint balling was two 10 minute death matches, the woods were lovely and warm and dry, I did have the starts of a nasty cold but that didn’t seem to matter too much as the adrenaline kicked in anyway. I managed the first round without too much drama but a shot to the face in the second made seeing incredibly difficult as the paint would not wipe off no matter how hard I tried. The expectation in this case was that it was going to hurt and you would spend a lot of time crawling around on the floor. In reality my hands took most of the fire, my pinkie nail took it like a champ and I had 4 bruises. It was not worse than stubbing your toe although the after bruising is a bit of an annoyance. I spent some of the time hiding behind metal barrels and some time crouched on the floor. I can see why people enjoy paintball, there is the option of experiencing army style situations without the long-term psychological implications of actually being a soldier.

Should You Have a Bucket List?
Why yes you should, how else will you experience something new and outside your comfort zone? Your bucket list is for the things that make you so nervous you aren’t sure if you actually want to, by overcoming the anxiety and fear that comes with these activities it will make you a stronger person.

Managing Your Bucket List
I tend to keep most of my list in my head but there is no reason why you couldn’t use any of the huge number of to do list apps out there to keep track of your thoughts, my personal favourite is Google Keep – it has seamless integration into my Android world, its also available on the Web and iOS.

Gain From Your Bucket List!
This is not an opportunity to make yourself so uncomfortable you end up with PTSD or similar so please be realistic, ask what will you gain from this? Does it create a quality you desire in yourself? If it doesn’t there is no shame in doing it but question why you added it to your list in the first place.

Experiences are what you make of them, only you are the one limiting your experiences.

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