A Distasteful Act

It is a shame that we still have in this day and age the issue of newspapers and their ‘anything for a story’ attitude. It is widely accepted that any investigation into nasty invasive journalism is a waste of time as the newspapers pay to be members meaning they can swing the outcome. The upside to social media being involved this in turn will make IPSO (Independent regulator for the UK newspaper and magazine industry) more accountable through essentially being called out on Twitter. Its interesting to note there are even MPs saying that it should have been discussed by a Committee if they were actually sitting today (that is sadly another issue) but I hope that they follow through their interest when they go back.

There are levels of invasive journalism and there is a delicate balancing act between allowing a certain amount of privacy but still enriching the story with details usually with the subjects consent. Then there are the stories which didn’t need to be told, dragging up feelings which didn’t need to have been and causing pain to the subject. The sole purpose of this story was to make money, there was no other reason, no awareness or for the good of humanity, it was a bold move on the newspapers part and it now has hate #hashtags trending on Twitter for them and they say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

If there is a positive to take from this it is that people are demanding a higher standard of journalism with integrity and truth at the forefront rather than the tabloid press which has been popular for so long.

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